Books & book chapters


  • A. B. Harish, “Micromechanics, contact and fracture behavior of nanoparticle reinforced polymers” (2018) (ISBN: 978-3-941302-25-9)

Book Chapters

  • C. Weissenfels, A. B. Harish and P. Wriggers, “Strategies to apply soil models directly as friction laws in soil-structure interactions,” Hollistic Simulation of Geotechnical Installation Processes, pp. 216-236, In Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics Series, Springer. Edited by Theodoros Triantafyllidis (2017) (ISBN: 978-3-319-52589-1)

  • J. K. Eswaran, D. Harursampath, and A. B. Harish, “Asymptotic modeling of a contact problem in composites,” Mechanical Behavior of Thick Composites, pp.1-29, DEStech Publications Inc. Edited by Suong V. Hoa (2016) (ISBN13: 978-1-60595-319-9)

  • A. B. Harish and D. Harursampath, “Algorithms and principles for intelligent design of flapping wing micro air vehicles,” Handbook of Research on Computational Intelligence for Engineering, Science and Business, pp. 521-555, IGI Global. Edited by Siddhartha Bhattacharyya and Paramartha Dutta (2013) (ISBN13: 978-1-46662-518-1)

  • D. Harursampath, A. B. Harish and C. H. Suryakiran, “Online structural health monitoring of pretwisted anisotropic beams,” Structural Health Monitoring: Quantification, Validation and Implementation, DEStech Publications Inc. Edited by Fu-Kuo Chang (2007